If the house at the Cove was a person, it would be a sun-kissed model reclining on a deckchair, surveying the horizon beneath a broad-brimmed sunhat - Alma Viviers, VISI

Exclusive Living

Whether you're looking for a romantic weekend break, luxurious family holiday or a corporate retreat, Heaven Can Wait is the ideal getaway destination.

Lose yourself in the seamless views of the rugged coast while sipping champagne from the rim-flow pool; dig your toes into the crisp white sands of the Cove's private beach; explore the hidden cultural treasures tucked away in the streets of Knysna; feast on local oysters or simply enjoy a family movie in the home theatre.

Heaven Can Wait's uncluttered simplicity is perfectly geared toward complete relaxation in a breathtaking luxurious setting.

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Nature's Doorstep

Situated along the famous South African Garden Route, Knysna is an area well-known for its breath-taking scenery, rich cultural heritage and unspoilt natural landscapes.

Regardless of the season, Knysna always remains a picturesque green. Coupled with a warm, temperate climate it's the perfect all-year-round holiday destination.

Knysna's wide variety of activities caters for all;
from adrenaline junkies seeking extreme sports and action packed adventures, nature lovers looking to bask in the great outdoors, or those simply looking to explore South Africa's rich cultural heritage and exquisite local arts.

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